Watch the Film

“A beautiful film… A well-crafted story. You’d better bring a hanky.” 

Portland Mercury

The film is now available for rental or purchase on the VHX site. Click here for options to stream or download the film.

DVDs are available for purchase by credit card or check for $24.00 each. ($20/DVD + $4.00 shipping and handling) To purchase using a credit card, click below:

To pay by check, or to purchase the film for educational or screening purposes, please email us via our Contact page.

SPECIAL OFFER: We have a new film called Samurai in the Oregon Sky which tells another story of post-WWII reconciliation. Through December 31, 2020, we are offering a special deal where you can buy 1 DVD of On Paper Wings and 1 DVD of Samurai in the Oregon Sky for $35.00. Please visit this page on our Samurai in the Oregon Sky website and scroll down to “Special Offer” for instructions on how to purchase.

Many libraries have the film in their collections. Check with your local branch!

DVDs are available for sale in the gift shop of the Klamath County Museum in Klamath Falls. Please support this wonderful organization, and visit the balloon bomb exhibit while there.

日本語版. The Japanese language version of the film is also available for purchase on DVD. This version features the entire film subtitled in Japanese. To purchase the Japanese language version, please email us via our Contact page. The price is the same as the DVD price above.